Free iPhone 7 Giveaway Official Rules

Free iPhone 7 Giveaway Official Rules

Before you enter in our Free iPhone 7 Giveaway contest please read the following official rules. By entering in iPhone 7 Plus contest you agree to accept these rules and you acknowledge that you meet all the giveaway requirements. If you have already read these rules, enter free iPhone 7 Giveaway or read some hints how increase chances to win free iphone 7.
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Requirements for entering iPhone 7 Giveaway

If you are at least 13 years old and you not family member or a friend of an employee in our company, you have right to enter our Free iPhone 7 Giveaway contest. Note that if are younger then 13 years and we select you as winner, you will not get your free iPhone 7 and we will randomly select new winner.

Be sure that you completely read and understand these rules. We will manually check do all randomly selected winners fulfill requirements for entering iPhone 7 Giveaway.

How to enter Free iPhone 7 Giveaway Contest?

  1. You can enter iPhone 7 Giveaway on this page.
  2. All participants must have at least one social action about this giveaway(facebook share, google+ share, tweet or similar). This is required so do not try to cheat or we will ban you from contest.
  3. More posts on your timeline (google or facebook) will increase you chances to win a free iPhone 7.
  4. Every Sunday CT we will choose 30 lucky winners of free iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus through a random draw.
  5. Winners of free iPhone 7 Giveaway will be announced at our Winners page.
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The chances for winning a free iPhone 7 Plus

  • Share our iPhone 7 Giveaway as many times as you can through Facebook or Google+.
  • Enter as many times as you can though free iPhone 7 Giveaway Enter Page.
  • Invite all your facebook or google plus friends to join by sending them messages about this giveaway.
  • The more friends who sign up using your link, the more chances for you to win free iPhone 7 Plus.
  • If at least 50 friends sign up using your link, we will send you iPhone 7 for free in next 24h. That is right! 100% free iPhone 7 Plus for you!